How to Develop an On-Demand Cricket Live Line App? Coast and Key Features

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Due to the increasing usage of the Internet, the number of apps is also continuously increasing. Everyone in this busy world needs some solutions which are ready to go in the market. There is a good demand for such apps which do not take much time in development or can fulfil the needs of the user. This type of app comes under the category of On-Demand Solutions. These are created keeping in mind the flexible user experience.

What is Cricket Live Line

The cricket fan base has started rising in India. Everyone wants to keep themselves updated with the latest news of cricket. For which most of the users use Google search. But one disadvantage the user has to bear is that Google is only able to tell about the searched information. To solve this problem, Cricket Live Line was created so that as much information as possible can be delivered to the user. Cricket Live Line App is no less than a blessing for a fan. Because at one place we get all the updates from the cricket world. like- Match Time, Veanu, Schedule, score, Live commentary, Playing eleven, etc.

How big is the market? Cricket Live Line

The market of cricket live line is very big in India. Almost every age group is interested in cricket and likes to watch news related to cricket. In India, currently there are approximately 38cr active users who watch live line daily and the number is increasing.

Key feachers & latest trend in Cricket Live Line App

Live Scores

Providing real-time updates on ongoing cricket matches, including scores, runs, wickets, and overs.

Match Schedule

Displaying the schedule of upcoming cricket matches with details such as date, time, and venue.

Ball-by-Ball Commentary

Offering detailed commentary on each ball bowled, providing insights and analysis.

Player Statistics

Providing statistics and performance data of players participating in the matches.


Sending timely notifications for match start, end, key events, and score updates.

Match Highlights

Offering highlights of completed matches, showcasing key moments and top performances.

Customizable Alerts

Allowing users to set preferences for specific teams, players, or match types to receive personalized alerts.

Social Sharing

Integrating social media features to enable users to share match updates and highlights with their friends and followers.

Dark Mode

Incorporating a dark mode option for improved visibility and reduced eye strain during night matches.

Fantasy Cricket Integration

Integrating fantasy cricket features, allowing users to create teams, participate in contests, and earn rewards based on player performance.

What is the business model behind a Cricket Live Line app?

Advertising Revenue

Cricket Live Line apps often generate revenue through advertisements displayed within the app. Advertisers pay to reach the app's large user base, leveraging the high engagement during live cricket matches.

Premium Features

Some Cricket Live Line apps offer premium features or content, such as ad-free experiences, access to exclusive match insights, or early access to match highlights. Users pay a subscription fee or one-time purchase to unlock these premium features.

In-App Purchases

These apps may also offer in-app purchases for virtual goods or enhancements, such as additional statistics, customizations, or fantasy cricket features. Users can purchase these items to enhance their overall experience within the app.

Affiliate Marketing

Cricket Live Line apps may partner with sports betting platforms, merchandise sellers, or ticketing services as affiliates. They earn a commission for every user who makes a purchase or signs up through their app.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

These apps may secure sponsorships or partnerships with cricket leagues, teams, or brands. They promote sponsored content or integrate branded elements within the app, earning revenue through sponsorship deals.

Data Licensing

Cricket Live Line apps gather extensive data on matches, players, and statistics. They can monetize this data by licensing it to third-party platforms, such as sports media outlets, betting companies, or fantasy cricket platforms.

Freemium Model:

Some Cricket Live Line apps adopt a freemium model, offering basic features for free while charging for advanced features or premium content. This approach allows them to attract a large user base while still generating revenue from a subset of users willing to pay for additional features.

In conclusion,

Developing an on-demand Cricket Live Line app requires careful planning, execution, and attention to detail. TechnoAce offers comprehensive solutions for bringing your app idea to life, ensuring a seamless user experience and robust functionality. With our expertise in app development and deep understanding of the cricket industry, we can help you navigate the complexities of creating a successful app. From defining key features to estimating costs and implementing cutting-edge technologies, TechnoAce is your trusted partner every step of the way. Contact us today to kickstart your journey towards launching a top-notch Cricket Live Line app that captivates users and enhances their cricket-watching experience.


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